Detailed breakdowns of the techniques used to bring some of our more unique projects to life

HP Antarctic Dome-Coachella

The walls of the HP Antarctic dome pulsate and then explode in a shower of debris. Glittering crystal comets streak through space, collide and shatter. Rocky asteroids tumble through space, chunks drifting off as they collide. Fractured objects and dynamic simulations power these immersive animations that surround the viewer in a fulldome experience.    MORE

Portland Ghostbusters Identity Animation

Books float through and stack in a haunted room. Lighting shoots from a possessed painting. A Terror Dog surveys the landscape as slime oozes from a water tower. A reimagined version of the iconic Portland sign lights up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man lumbers into the scene in this animated ID for the Portland Ghostbusters charity group that draws on many 3D disciplines.  MORE

Matrix Holiday Messages

Intel managers, channeling characters from The Matrix, deliver holiday messages from the rooftops of a dark, rainy city. 3D stock buildings, particle effects, lens flares, and greenscreen compositing bring these scenes to gritty life.   MORE