HP NASA Fulldome Experience

This animation, celebrating HP’s partnership with NASA, was created to run on a hemispherical dome at the Panorama music festival in New York City. The original plan was to simply repurpose and reformat existing NASA video for fulldome projection, but we soon determined that unless the video was shot for 360° projection it would look distorted on a dome. The task then became creating new content that would project properly, so we looked to creating full 3D animations rendered for hemispherical projection. We purchased stock models of the ISS, Earth, Juno probe, Jupiter, and the Helix nebula to create immersive 3D animations that would surround the viewer. We cut apart and remapped images of the ISS cupola to create an interior POV.

Agency: Infinity Marketing Team
Creative Director: Pedro Ferriera
Animation and compositing: Shawn Marshall